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Location Location

The choice of location plays an important role in staged photography, it being one of the key components of the final photograph, the stage upon which the narrative will be played out. Both Gregory Crewdson and Jeff Wall tend to work in … Continue reading

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Assignment 2 – Times Change and We With Time are Changing (Rework)

Notes on Rework Following my initial submission of assignment 2 my tutor suggested that the words used in the original were tending to overwhelm the images and detracted from the objective of hiding my subjectivity in layers of objective information. He … Continue reading

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Assignment 2 Aesthetics, Selection and Presentation

Criteria The assignment is very open in terms of subject but quite specific regarding the final presentation. We are asked to submit a “tightly edited and visually consistent series of 7 to 10 images”. My final selection is very much … Continue reading

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