Very Early Ideas and Research for Assignment 3

Self Portrait Antigua 2014

Self Portrait Antigua 2014

Self Portrait Antigua 2014

Self Portrait Antigua 2014

This post is a place holder to allow me to keep a note of ideas for Assignment 3 – Self Portrait.

Following feed back from my tutor for Assignment 2 it was interesting to take a first look at Vivian Maier’s self portraits. I was already thinking that Assignment 3 might be a best approached using reflective self portraits. This idea has come from two main sources, firstly that the last time I used reflections (TAoP Assignment 3) the project never felt complete and the limitations imposed by the required colour combinations restricted my exploration of the idea. Secondly, I was reminded of reflections by some of Cindy Sherman’s Film Stills and one rather unsettling image from her disasters series. I will look much more closely at Vivian Maier but, at this stage, I feel that reflective self portraits might be the way forward.

I have tracked down a large selection of reflective self portraits which will help with the research. It is interesting that three practitioners that I looked at when researching reflections – Chris Steele-Perkins, Ferdinando Scianna and Bruno Barbey  all regularly take reflective self portraits. They appear drawn to reflections, as am I.



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