Looking Forward to Context and Narrative

1/100 at f/13, ISO 2,000

1/100 at f/13, ISO 2,000

Having completed Assignment 5 of TAoP it was a refreshing change of pace to set up the new blog for Context and Narrative. That, at least, seems like progress.

A sensible thing to do would be to document my goals for this new module and it does feel as if, having nearly completed TAoP, my objectives are a little different than when I started that module a year ago. Looking back I was primarily interested in improving my skills and creativity, I felt that my work work was occasionally competent and generally uninteresting. A year later I feel that some of my work was occasionally interesting, at least to me, and my tutor appeared to become more connected to it as the module progressed. I’d like to think that this was because he started to find some of the work interesting as well.

The biggest surprise in the last year has been how easily I have become engaged with research and how this side of the course has become one of my great pleasures. My tutor introduced me to a number of inspirational photographers and the more I researched these artists the more new names I discovered and by following this investigative trail I have found photographs and writing that has changed my whole view of photography. It would be comforting to think that this has changed my own work for the better but, in that regard, the jury is still out. I am approaching different subjects, attempting new techniques and believe that my observational skills have improved but there is, as yet, no sense of having found a new and consistent style with which I am comfortable.

So, this having been said, it would be an obvious objective of this new module that I found greater consistency and saw a more obvious development of a personal viewpoint, I’m trying to avoid saying “style” or “voice” because that might be secondary. Firstly I need to see things, recognise and observe subjects more clearly, and start to express my view of those subjects in a consistent way.

I am now tending to judge photographers on their ability to trigger an emotional response, it hardly matters what that response is, it might be anger, sadness, thoughtfulness, repulsion, excitement or their photographs might be the visual equivalent of comfort food, they just make me feel a bit better about life, people, places or events but to be of value a photographer’s work has to change me in some way. It would therefore be a clear objective to create work that helped the audience to think differently about a subject or to be stirred at some emotional level.

Those two objectives might be enough for now.

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